A Planter Full O’ Pumpkins

I am frequently accused of trying to push the seasons.  When it’s summer, I want it to be autumn.  When it’s autumn, I wish for winter.  I can’t wait for winter to end to bring me spring.  And really, can’t spring just hurry up and warm up to bring me summer?  The thing about it is that I love each season so very much, and there’s always something to get excited about at the advent of each new part of the year.

With autumn fully in swing, it has, of course, become pumpkin season.  I love watching my munchkin get excited with each new decoration I put out.  She really has an eye for detail, so as soon as I put anything new out, she notices it immediately and then points, stares, and babbles in wonder.  I mean, with such an appreciation for all of my work, how could I not get into each new season these days?

And then it comes back to some of the limitations that there are when it comes to decorating.  Even if I weren’t renting, I would still need to resist the temptation to procure a bunch of decorations that won’t necessarily work from house to house.  Not to mention, I need to work with the space that I have.  Our current home has a very narrow staircase leading up to the front door.  Where one might typically set a pumpkin on the steps, if I did so here, it would be nearly impossible to get up the stairs, and I don’t want to create a hazard for my trick-or-treaters.  On top of that, if I set a pumpkin just next to the door, it would be obscured by the railing and thus be rendered quite pointless as a form of decor.  I had just the solution this year, though:  my window box planters!

I purchased some to attach to the railing (no drilling needed!) to display some flowers this past spring since there are ZERO flower beds at my current abode.  But really, who says that flowers are the only things that need to “grow” in there??

With a few more than a dozen mini pumpkins, a couple of pie pumpkins, and one big pumpkin, I found a happy compromise to the limitations presented by my front stoop.  I decided to alternate the flower boxes between solid orange mini pumpkins and the variegated white/orange pumpkins.  I set some slightly larger pie pumpkins up on the railing to frame the doorway, and there’s the big pumpkin at the bottom of the stairs just off to the grass (again, no tripping hazards on Halloween!).  Add in a cute seasonal flag and an autumn-themed wreath for the front door, and I’m set until the next holiday season rolls around!

Have you had to overcome any obstacles in your seasonal preparations?  What sort of decor do you set out each year?