Butterfly-Themed Golden, First Birthday Invitations

My little munchkin recently had her first birthday, and it was perfect.  As always, she was cute as a button, and the event was just what I was hoping for.  I know, I know, she’s a one-year-old.  She doesn’t really appreciate it the way I (her party-planning Mommy) did.  Did she really need a big to-do?  Isn’t it a little overboard?  Well, for starters, I think she did have fun with the wrapping paper and seeing everyone, but here’s the other difference:  it was her GOLDEN birthday!  She turned 1 on the 1st.  I think that’s an extra fun milestone, and heaven forbid she someday has a sibling who has his or her golden birthday at an older age and she wonders why we didn’t do something special for her.  No, no.  Not here.  We have the pictures to prove it.  Her golden birthday was definitely marked, and fun was had by all!

The first step in our big celebration was to get some invitations out, of course.  Can’t have much of an event if no one knows about it, and no one comes.  I looked around at some pre-made invitations, but couldn’t find anything that quite fit the occasion.  While there are abundant first birthday and even a few golden birthday invites out there, there is a paucity of golden, first birthday invites to be found. Additionally, I wanted to tie in the butterfly theme that I had decided upon.  My daughter’s room has butterflies everywhere, plus she enjoys pointing to butterflies both in her room and the real ones outside, so I’ve decided that she’s happy with the theme, as well.

I’ve always enjoyed making up little rhymes, so I figured the invitations would be prime real estate for one of my little ditties.  I worked on a play on “Sugar and Spice” and came up with the following:

Sugar and spice and everything fun:
This sweet, sassy girl is finally one!
As squirmy as a caterpillar, but a true butterfly beauty;
It’s the Golden Birthday of our little cutie!

If you knew my daughter, you would appreciate how precisely this describes her.  I know I’m biased, but I truly believe she is one of the most beautiful babies that ever graced this Earth.  Personality is also abundant in my little wiggle-worm.  I feel like she inherited a lot of spunk from her great-grandparents.  I wish she could grow up knowing each of them, but I figure if she ever wants to witness the sparkle and spunkiness they had, she need only take a look in the mirror at her own mischievous eyes.  I digress.

So, with my little poem and my butterfly theme in mind, I created this sort of basic invitation:

I’ve edited out some of the personal details, but you’ll notice that there’s a lack of color and a boring space in the top right.  This is where I decided to have some fun.  1) I decided to mount the invitations (ie paste) onto some pretty gold card stock that I found in Michael’s.  2) I really wanted to go all bling with the embellishments, so I also purchased some little sticker pastel-colored rhinestones and some coordinating glitter gel pens.  3) The crowning glory was from a package of 3D butterfly stickers.  There were 9 different butterflies in the package allowing for each invitation to be a little bit different.  Maybe I got a little carried away, but I had a ton of fun with it.  Tadaaa!

First, I pasted the printed invites onto the gold cards.  Second, I colored in the flowers with the glitter pens to give them that little sparkle and then used a silver pen to make the loop-de-loops for the butterfly’s motion.  Then, I stuck on the butterflies (being careful to try to keep the wings mostly within the confines of the outer card stock so that they’d fit into the envelopes).  Finally, I added on the rhinestones to the corners.  I used a little one opposite of the butterfly and big ones in the other two corners to sort of balance it out, but I’m a stickler for details like that.  Oh, and really… why stop there?  I also drew what I refer to as my “Number One Butterfly” on the flap of each envelope.  Just a happy little hint to what’s to be found on the inside of the envelope when each recipient checks the mail:

And yes, those are gold envelopes.  I got them as a package with the gold cards that I mounted the invitations on, so I knew they would fit inside.  The key to the simplicity of this project was finding the gold cards a smidge large than the white card stock that I printed on for the main portion of the invite.  To make 18 invitations, I spent about $40 at Michael’s.  I was the first to admit that I probably could have just gotten some simple first birthday invites ready-made and saved a few dollars and no one would have been the wiser, even if they weren’t golden or butterfly-bedazzled, but as my husband (bless him!) was quick to point out, “Yeah, but you wouldn’t have had nearly as much fun!”  So true.  So true.

Look for coming blog entries on more butterfly-themed excitement from her birthday.  All super easy, low cost, and fun!