My Anchor, My Home

Dockyard anchor

As a Navy wife and former Army brat, I’ve moved all over the place and have never called a single house “Home” for more than a couple of years at a time.  That said, wherever I have been, it’s always quickly become home through the love that the house is filled with and through all of those special reminders that we carry with us from place to place to make each house officially ours.

Being a Navy family, the anchor has a lot of meaning in our house.  An anchor is security.  An anchor is stability.  An anchor means staying in one place for a little while and not merely just passing through.  That’s what a home is, too.  Security.  Stability.  That special place where you stay, where you don’t just pass through, where you’re stronger because you’re there together as a family.

This blog is going to be about those little touches that I’m using to make my house a home, no matter where we are or how long we are there.  Every house deserves to be a home.  Every home has a house full of memories just waiting to be discovered.  It just takes those special touches to make it My Anchor, My Home.